P2P Proxies November 2016 Updates



  • In last few days we added more then 50k fresh IPs to our pool. The average concurrent jump to 20k up to 35k at peak hours.

  • Thailand gateway has been added.

  • We got new logo and some cosmetic changes in our website.

  • New coupon code, see below.



We have plans to launch unlimited bandwidth packages for enterprise clients.

The package includes dedicated gateway server.

Contact us for more details.


New coupon code valid till 15/11, min. order of 10$. The coupon can be used only one time.

Use the code: NOV30OFF


P2P Proxies Network


P2P Proxies Network Updates (22-08-2016)


Hello from P2P Proxies Network.

Good news, We have implemented our new accounts backend server. No more waiting 30 minutes for full network update, we drop it to 2 minutes only. Our automated change detection service react immediately and take the required actions.


More updates soon.

06/08/2016 Updates (New System architecture)


Changes in our backend proxies architecture. Finally the proxies checking system was refactored.

The new flow

New proxy reported -> a job sent to message queuing server -> one of the checking servers take the job -> proxy added to the pool or rejected.

The checking process

Each proxy checked in 2 stages. the first stage is performe request to our end point using the proxy that retrive basic info like proxy type, anonymity level, response time, methods & headers. the secound step is performe request to website like Google and validate the return content, this step checks if the proxy is not banned or blacklisted.

Distributed services

Each service in our new architecture is distributed and the communication is over message queuing, the bigest advantage is the ability to add/remove servers by needs or change the server role by connectin to different queue.

Currently, we are using

  • Reporting server + Messaging queue
  • 3 Checking proxies servers
  • 2 Load balancer servers
  • Web, Database & caching server

New proxies



At last few hours we added more then 3000 new proxies to our pool and we are working to add more http proxies.

Nothing else changed, the price stay same.



P2P Proxies Network.

New: Low balance alerts


We added new feature to all our clients. You will receive an alert by email when your balance is less then 20% of the total and less then 20$.

Thanks, P2P Proxies Network.